Part of enjoying the outdoors is paying attention to the weather.  While I’m not advocating for fishing with lightning around, you shouldn’t cancel your trip just because its raining.  Runoff from the rain can bring in nutrients, add some color, and even create current in some situations.  Raindrops themselves break up the surface of the water, dispersing the light and disrupting the silhouette of objects in the water such as bass.  These are all factors that can get that rainy day bite going.

     Rainy day fish tend to be more active and aggressive ,and more apt to venture out from cover.   The strike zone tends to open up on rainy, overcast days, fish will  go a greater distance to snatch a bait, not just one that is put right in front of them.  Topwater baits  should be your first choice for rainy days, the faster moving the better.  Buzz baits my first choice, followed by shallow running crankbaits.  Burning a spinnerbait has also produced fish at times for me.

Color selection is pretty basic, conventional wisdom says the darker the better,  with blacks or blues being the first choice, While i do tend to agree with this theory, I think that you also need to be able to make adjustments as conditions change.

The backs of creeks, ditches, or any where water runs in and causes some sort of disruption, is a good place to start.  Bass will seek these drainage areas out and feed on the baitfish that have been attracted to the fresh nutrients brought in by the rain.

Cave Run  Lake Fishing  Report

Lake Elevation was at 732.5 feet, about 2.5 feet over summer pool.   Outflow was 571 cfs.

Bass :  The flipping bite has been productive this week.  Brush Hog and Baby Brush Hog type lures in smoke colors were working well.  But with the rain that came in at he end of the week, backs of creeks and run ins will likely be productive.

Crappie:  They were deeper earlier this week,  they were being caught on structure at a depth of 12 to 15 feet.  Minnow or chartreuse curly tail grubs were producing good numbers of slabs.

Muskie:  The Bondy bite is still active, however the lake week rain has brought about a decent spinnerbait and bucktail bite in the backs of a lot of creeks.  Scott’s Creek and Warix have seen a lot of fish moving.

The spillway has been very productive for all species, but with the increase in  the outflow, that has slowed down.  But pay attention to the ouflow rate, as it drops back to that 250/300 cfs range, the bite will be back on