Mineral licks, salt blocks, and trial camera are on many hunters minds this time of year.  But for my son and myself we are dreaming of Fall Turkey season.  That’s right,….fall season.  A lot of hunters take to the woods in the spring after a big Tom.  Owl hoot, crow call, hen yelps, and bam!….that thundering gobble.  Fall hunting is completely different, but just as exciting and rewarding.  A lot of the older hunters used a tried and true method in the fall.  That method is to find a flock of birds, run into them to scatter the flock, then simply set up and call the birds back together with what’s known as a kiki run call.  this is a call of a lost younger bird. Turkeys are very vocal and very social.  they do not like to be alone in the fall and winter.

The method we use is to pattern the birds.  They very often travel the same route every day, and can be fairly easy to pattern.  Figure out point A and Point B, set up between both points and wait for your birds to come within bow or shotgun range.  Don’t be afraid to use a single hen decoy and call in the fall as well.

For hens use a little faster cadence and a little shorter yelp, yelp, yelp.  For toms and jakes, use a longer slower, drawn out yelp, yelp, yelp,.  Remember in the fall you can hunt both toms and hens here in Kentucky.

A lot of hunters are concerned about taking hens from local flocks, but biologist have done many studies that have shown we have plenty of birds throughout the state, and that controlled hunts do not harm the numbers.

Don’t forget to check your rules and regulations.  Here in Kentucky you will find we have 2 late shotgun hunts for turkey, as well as bow and crossbow options.

This blog was written by my friend and employee Dewayne Brewer, he is an avid outdoorsman, hunter, fisherman, snake finder, wood carver, and all around good guy

Lake Report

Pool Feet:  735.3,  5.3 feet above summer pool, outflow is 3196 cfs, as of 6/23/2019,

The water is still fairly dirty on the main lake, with the upper reaches of the Licking river and Beaver creek being downright muddy.

Bass:  Rising water have moved fish up shallower,  painted blade spinnerbaits in chartreuse or white are producing fish this week.  There is still a decent flipping bite, as long as the water does’t drop to fast.

Crappie:  the crappie have moved up to the shallower cover,  minnows and jigs are still a good choice.  Chartreuse or  or Chartreuse/white are popular colors this week.

Muskie:  The spinnerbait and bucktail bite is still going with water temps remaining relatively cool for the time of year.   They can still be found in the backs of the creeks.

Catfish:  Swimming bait are really  producing this week,  goldfish, bluegill, and suckers are all catching fish.  Bottom fishing in about 10 to 12 feet of water, off points, close to a flats type area, seem to be where the fish are being caught.

Spillway:  There was a window earlier in the week with the outflow being way down,  and the fishing was great.  But increased flows have put a damper on that for now.  But as soon as it slows down again, you need to be there with a line in the water.

Thanks for reading, stay safe and keep fishin

Dan Hook